Featured Artist: Pat Banks


"I believe art is an elemental part of us as human beings. A person without art in their life is like a universe without starlight, a carpenter without a tool box, a garden without flowers, a fish without water. It gives us skills, balance, beauty, wisdom, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and more to make our world a better place. You have to be able to envision of imagine something great or different before you can make it happen. You have to witness, discover, observe, experience, and explore the richness of your intimate world and the vastness of the universe to find visions that no one else has seen, thoughts that no one else has heard, and connect and share all that has gone before. We are all born artists and explorers. We are stardust. Do not lose your birthright.

My art is an extension, reflection, and response to my experiences and is part of my journey of discover. My tools are my sketch pad, camera, brushes, and some of the best papers I can find. I have spent my lifetime exploring these tools and building my skills. The subjects I am drawn to are: trees, mist, waters (still, flowing, and reflective), and flowers. I love the endless possibilities of combining  the textures, colors, compositions, spaces (positive and negative), and designs into a new work and exploring the mysteries and simplicities they represent." 

                                                                                              -Pat Banks