Featured Artist: Nora Swanson


"After a few years’ hiatus to work around the recession with our successful line of patinated copper and brass jewelry, we are once again actively creating a broad range of custom home interior works. Drawing from the roots of Dale’s background in jewelry making, industrial stainless steel, and copper design and production, and my skills in design and marketing, we create items featuring patinas on copper and brass such as jewelry, counter-tops, back-splashes, doors, tables, range-hoods, lighting and other large scale art. We spare no detail of craftsmanship, or expense in materials so each project scintillates with luxury and finesse, and yet doesn't look “machine made”. Metal, particularly copper and brass, have an inherent luster and subtlety that comes into its own with masterful patina artistry and precise lines. I love best working in the studio with Dale. It is demanding and heady, and there are anxious moments when we are doing precision maneuvers with metal as we make the larger pieces.

Dale has a laser-like focus as he goes about the job. From start to completion, it’s all about the metal. A dance that flows from the knowledge of what must be done, step by step, to make metal and chemistry become a completed work of art. Sometimes, I wonder how we are going to shift such heavy things that must be perfectly balanced in order to not damage them until they are stabilized by adhesion onto a substrate or added to a frame. We manage thanks to Dale’s expert direction.

There seems to be a fountain of new ideas spilling into our conversations and notebooks at all times again. I am so happy to be challenged with this ever evolving medium. We’re both brimming with energy to create new works. It really feels like the sky is the limit. It’s the deep connection Dale and I have to the beauty and simplicity of the materials, our processes, as well as the finished work, and how it resonates with our customers; that's the body and soul of our art."

                                                                            - Nora Swanson