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Bethany Butters, Our New Artist in Residence!


The Kentucky Guild of Artists & Craftsmen is proud to present Bethany Butters of Steam-Bee Pottery as our new Artist in Residence! Bethany joined the Kentucky Guild of Artists & Craftsmen in February 2017, making her one of our newest members! She describes the inspiration for her work as, “an integration between both the industrial history and the vibrant nature in Kentucky by reflecting the textures and colors found in old rivers, industrial parks, coal mines, and the vibrant shades of the hillsides. It is an ode to the hard workers both human and inhuman, the steam mechanics and the bees.” As a first-year student enrolled in Ceramics 101, Bethany had no experience with ceramics. After falling in love with the idea of functional art, she continued to learn about ceramics and grow as an artist. Bethany’s favorite piece was created her senior year after an inspiring trip to Japan; “it’s very personal, a culmination of my experience in Japan with its stacked lantern form, which I saw a lot of in historical Japanese architecture, and my proud Kentucky heritage with the dogwood blossom adornments.” After graduating from Berea College in 2015, Bethany joined a group of budding artists at 123 Gallery, where she learned more about the business.

Bethany can now be found on Saturdays and Mondays at the Kentucky Guild Gallery, where people of all ages can enjoy watching her work! When asked why she was interested in joining the Kentucky Guild of Artists & Craftsmen, Bethany said, “I love being in a community of artists; I can gain meaningful connections and experiences, I really think it will help my growth as an artist. I’m also so excited to have a space to share the process of my work and even teach classes in the Kentucky Guild Visual Arts Academy!” The mission of the Kentucky Guild of Artists & Craftsmen is “to establish art and craft as a vital influence by promoting excellence through education, collaboration, leadership, and service.” 


The Kentucky Guild of Artists & Craftsmen is located at 116 N. Broadway Berea, KY

kyguild.org, 859-986-3192