Dee Dee Lanham - April 2019 Artist of the Month

We're excited to announce our April 2019 Artist of the Month!

Dee Dee Lanham lives in her hometown of Lexington, KY where she telecommutes as a project manager for an architecture firm in Atlanta, GA. She comes from a family that has always loved the tradition of coloring eggs at Easter and spent many afternoons with her grandmother experimenting with unique ways to color eggs. In 2000, she discovered the art of making traditional Ukrainian pysanky and was hooked. It is an art form she is passing down to her own family.

A pysanky (pehSANkeh) egg ornament is made using a traditional wax resist and egg dye method, similar to the wax crayon you may remember coming in the store bought egg dye kit at Easter! The blown out eggshells used are from the eggs the Lanham family eats. Most of the eggs come from local farms and a neighbor’s backyard chickens. A design is 1st pencil sketched onto the eggshell. Then, a tool called a kistka is filled with beeswax and heated over a candle flame. The kistka is used to “write” designs in melted beeswax onto the eggshell. The wax seals the eggshell so that it does not absorb the egg dye into which it is dipped. The egg is then repeatedly waxed and then dipped into multiple egg dyes to create the final design. A couple of coats of polyurethane are applied to seal the egg and preserve the colors.

You can learn more about DeeDee's work on her Facebook page. You can also find her work in our gallery, located in beautiful Berea, Kentucky!