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July Raffle With Featured Artist, Pam White



For the month of July, we will be raffling off a Kentucky Wildcat-inspired coaster set by Pam White! The set comes with 4 coasters that proudly show off a wildcat paw print, as well as a coaster stand. Our featured artist of the month, Pam, is originally from Missouri, but after receiving her Master's Degree from the University of Kentucky, she knows what it means to "bleed blue!" She is a proud military wife and mother of five. Her family enjoys traveling often; Pam has even had the opportunity to teach in Alaska, Ohio, Missouri, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, and Arkansas. 

When talking about her work, Pam states, "My tile work is a style that I call "stained glass batik," it is neither one but has the look of both. By applying many layers of glaze I achieve a crazing effect in my work that gives it a unique style. The use of color in all my artwork is of utmost importance to me. Capturing nature's unique colors and finding that balance that makes them "pop" within my art is what I enjoy the most. I love to look at the wonderful colors Van Gogh used in his works for inspiration."

Check back throughout the month for more about Pam!

Get your raffle ticket at kyguild.org. Winner will be announced at the end of July!