KYGives Open House on May 14, 2019

The Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen is hosting an Open House on May 14, 2019 from 10 AM to 5 PM at our Gallery & Arts and Craft School at 116 N Broadway Berea, KY 40403! With drinks, snacks, and some of the finest art across the Commonwealth, we're celebrating this state-wide day of supporting nonprofits!

Giving Link:

About KY Gives Day: Kentucky Gives Day is an online 24-hour annual fundraising event bringing charities and Kentuckians—near and far—together for a powerful day of action. Each year, this year May 14, 2019, the event gives Kentuckians the opportunity to support causes they care about and gives Kentucky's nonprofits the opportunity to share their amazing stories—all through one giving site and in just 24 hours!

About KGAC: Founded in 1961, the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen (KGAC) is Kentucky's oldest juried statewide visual arts and crafts organization. Headquartered in the Artisan Village in Old Town Berea the KGAC continues building the Commonwealth of Kentucky's national and international reputation for a rich heritage of visual art and fine craft. The Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen’s Guild Train ran from 1961 through 1967 in two L & N train cars—one for exhibition and one for hands-on demonstration. It introduced hundreds of thousands of young people and adults across Kentucky, especially in the Appalachian region, to the world of art and fine craft.