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Cabochon (Beginning Stone Cutting) Workshop

Cabochon (Beginning Stone Cutting) Workshop

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Instructor Micah Kirby, 5/6/17-5/7/17

In this class you will learn the art of Stone cutting/Cabochons. The student will learn to use trim saw slab & general shape rough stone, grinding & polishing wheels to shape stone, process from rough stone to a finished cabochon (rounded stone). Will then progress to various square, triangle and shield shapes. Should have 15 to 20 stones by end of workshop finished. Learn process for stabilization of stone before cutting Learn Slab rough, rough cut shape on trim saw, start shaping process. Learn to finish shaping process, start & finish all polishing processes. Learn various shapes of a finished cabochon Learn of calibration and what it means of a standard size. Teach stone cutting & polishing technique in relevance of inherent properties of stones, slabbing, rough cutting/shape of stones, shaping and polishing of the lapidary process. The student will need to have manual dexterity, see small items and have fair hand/eye coordination. Students to provide #2 pencil, roll of paper towels, and old dish towel. Will have rough or slab stone available to train on, and purchase extra from instructor. All other materials provided.

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