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Making Stamps to Decorate Clay

Making Stamps to Decorate Clay

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Marianne Brown, Instructor

Using different materials learn how to make stamps and use the stamps to decorate clay with.  From potatoes to erasers, from corks to real clay; carve, cut, and assemble your own stamps. Then using using your unique tools, decorate the clay with them. You make your own tools then use them to decorate your own bowls or tiles. The results are beautiful one of a kind pieces that could never be duplicated.

To prepare for class, wear old clothes and bring an old towel and or an apron. Other tools needed are an X-acto knife, needle nose pliers and  a table knife. Firing the work is not included but other arrangements can be made at the close of the workshop.

 Time: Sat. 1 - 4:30pm 

 Dates: Nov. 19th


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